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Satay (Chicken or Beef) 6.95
Grilled marinated chicken or beef. Serve with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Shrimp in the Blanket 6.95
Golden fried stuffed shrimp with minced chicken. Wrapped in thin egg roll.

Fresh Garden Roll (Available in Vegetable) 5.95
Chopped lettuce, carrot, vermicelli, grilled chicken and shrimp, wrapped with rice paper.
Served with house special sauce.

Golden Shrimp and Vegetable 6.95
Battered shrimp and vegetable, and deep fried until golden brown.
Served with ginger sauce.

Scallion Pancake with Curry 5.95
Fried scallion pancake dipping with green curry sauce.

Butterfly 5.95
Deep fried wonton skin filled up with ground chicken, onion and ground peanuts.

Crispy Roll 5.25
Crispy Thai style chicken egg rolls, served with sweet and sour sauce.

Wings 7.25
Crispy chicken wings glazed with house sweet and spicy sauce.

Thai Dumpling 5.95
Steamed or fried pork ravioli, served with a ginger soy sauce.

Shumai 5.95
Steamed or fried shrimp shumai.

Curry Roll 5.95
Crispy veggie curry triangle rolls, served with cucumber sauce.

Short Ribs (boneless) 8.95
Grilled marinated kalbi short ribs.

Crab Rangoon 5.95
Deep fried wonton skin filled with cream cheese and crab stick.

Edamame 4.95
Steamed soy beans with salt.

Seaweed Salad 6.95
Seasoned seaweed with mixed green salad.

Fried Veggie Dumpling 6.95

Fried chives dumpling.

Rolls Combo 6.95
Our assortment of rolls: 2 crispy rolls, 2 shrimp in the blankets and 3 curry rolls.

Sampler Platter 13.95
Combination of satays, crispy roll, golden shrimp and veggie, fried dumpling and wings


Hot & Sour Soup ** (Chicken or Shrimp) 3.95
Thai most popular spicy soup, with mushroom and cilantro.

Chicken Coconut Soup 3.95
Tender chicken in coconut milk soup seasoned with galangal and lime juice.

Wonton Soup 3.95
Soft chicken and shrimp wonton in clear broth.

Tofu Soup 3.95
Clear broth with fresh tofu and vegetables.

Glass Noodle Soup 3.95
Shrimp, glass noodle and vegetables in clear broth.

Miso Soup 3.95
Vegetable broth with tofu, scallion and seaweed in miso paste.


Warm Salad 6.50
Steamed assorted vegetables with house peanut sauce.

Green Salad 5.25
Assorted fresh mixed green salad with your choice of peanut sauce
or ginger dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad 9.25
Grilled marinated chicken with mixed green salad.

Tiger Tear Salad ** 12.25
Grilled beef tenderloin, sliced and mixed with lemongrass, tomatoes and
onion in a spicy and sour sauce.

Seafood Salad ** 13.25
Blushing fresh shrimp, scallop, and squid seasoned with Thai spices,
lemongrass, tomatoes and onion in tasty lemon dressing.


Create your own meal with your choice of:
Chicken or Pork 12.95
Beef 14.25
Duck 17.95
Shrimp or Squid 14.50
Scallop 16.95
Seafood 17.25
House Special Meat (Shrimp, Chicken and Beef) 15.95
Tofu 12.95

Sauces include:
Spicy Hot Basil **
Assort chili garlic sauce with basil leaves.

Cashew Nut Sauce
Stir fried with cashew nuts and chili.

Garlic Sauce
Stir fried with chopped garlic.

Ginger & Scallion
With a ton of julienne ginger and chili paste.

Hot Spicy and Sour (Prik Pow) **
Stir fried with spicy paste and cashew nuts.

Tangy ***
Another kind of spicy sauce.

Red Curry **
This is a base curry dish.

Yellow Curry *
Add some more curry powder and pineapple.

Panang Curry **
Add some basil leaves.

Masaman Curry *
Least spicy curry with potato and nuts.

Green Curry ***
The spiciest curry of all.


Grilled Lemongrass Chicken 12.95
Grilled marinated chicken breast on vermicelli noodle with mixed green
salad and two of crispy rolls.

Pine Nut Chicken 12.95
Stir-fried chicken with ginger sauce and mixed vegetables.

Grilled Chicken in Jungle Curry ** 13.50
Grilled marinated chicken served with stir-fried vegetables in Thai spicy sauce.

Almond Chicken * 13.50
Pan sear chicken, then stir-fried with red and green pepper,
mushroom and scallion.

Pistachio Chicken * 13.50
Fried battered chicken, then stir fried with red and green pepper, mushroom
and scallion.

Honey Pork 12.95
Pan fried pork tenderloin with snow pea, and mushroom in light
honey-soy sauce.

Wild Boar Basil ** 12.95
Grilled marinated pork tenderloin on top of stir fried vegetable with Thai
spicy sauce.

Beef Macadamia **◊ 14.50
Pan sear beef with mushroom, red pepper and scallion in spicy
house sauce.

Hot Beef Platter ** 14.25
Stir fried beef with onion, red pepper, fresh mushroom, carrot and scallion
with spicy house sauce.

Post Road Mango Curry ** 14.25
Thai yellow curry with chicken, beef, fresh mango, onions, and yellow

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp in Prik-King Sauce *** 17.50
Grilled marinated jumbo shrimp with Thai special prik king sauce with
asparagus, string bean, red pepper and pine nuts.

Grilled Jumbo Sizzling Shrimp * 17.50
Grilled marinated jumbo shrimp with asparagus, basil and red pepper in
the house red sauce.

Pan-Seared Shrimp & Scallop 18.95
Pan seared jumbo shrimp and scallop and garnished with a curry sauce.

Seafood in the Nest 17.25
Crispy yellow nest filled with stir fried shrimp, squid, and scallop.
Combined with broccoli, asparagus, fresh mushroom and
carrots with chef’s brown sauce.

Seafood Volcano *** 18.95
Stir fried jumbo shrimp, squid, scallop, red pepper, carrot, mushroom,
snow pea, scallion and basil in a tangy sauce.

Spice’n Pepper Duck 17.95
Fried boneless half duck with snow pea, carrot and cashew nuts
in a sweet black soy sauce.

Panang Crispy Duck ** 17.95
Crispy boneless half duck with snow pea, red pepper and basil in a curry sauce.

Crispy Tamarind Duck * 17.95
Fried boneless half duck with a red sweet pepper sauce.

Duck Choo Chee** 17.95
Another kind of curry with boneless half duck.

Spicy Three Taste Sauce Salmon ** 17.95
Grilled filet salmon with vegetables in house spicy sauce.

Salmon on the Red Sea ** 17.95
Grilled filet salmon served with stir fried red pepper, snow peas,
mushroom, carrot, scallion and cashew nuts in a red sauce.

Sizzling 3 Tastes * 18.95
Pan-seared jumbo shrimps and scallops with red pepper, mushroom, carrots, scallion,
asparagus and basil in a sweet and spicy red pepper sauce.


Vegetable Curry ** 12.95
Assorted fresh vegetables in a red curry sauce and basil leaves.

Vegetable Pine Nut 12.95
Stir fried fresh vegetables with ginger in a light soy sauce and topped with
pine nuts.

Vegetable Garden 12.95
Stir fried fresh vegetables and tofu in light soy sauce.

Vegetable Delight 12.95
Steamed assorted fresh vegetables and tofu with peanut sauce.

Vegetable Pad Thai 10.25
Stir fried rice noodle with vegetable and ground peanut.

Vegetable Fried Rice 10.25
Fried rice with fresh vegetables, scallion and egg.


             Lunch Dinner
Pad Thai 9.25  10.25
Thai famous Thai noodle stir fried with shrimps, egg, scallion and bean
sprout topped with ground peanut.

Glass Noodle Pad Thai 9.50  10.95
Another version or Pad Thai with glass noodle, which is
rich in fiber and low calories, shrimps, chicken, egg, scallion, bean sprout
and topped with peanut.

Crispy Chicken Pad Thai 9.95  10.95
Stir fried rice noodle with egg, scallion, bean sprout and peanut and
topped with fried chicken.

Savory Noodle ** 9.25  10.25
Stir fried flat rice noodle with ground chicken, onion, red and green
pepper, basil leaves, and scallion in a spicy sauce.

Royal Noodle 9.25  10.25
Stir fried egg noodle with chicken, shrimp, broccoli and
bean sprout, topped with ground peanut.

Noodle Tofu 9.25  10.25
Stir fried flat rice noodle with tofu, broccoli, snow pea and carrot.

Noodle Tender Chicken 9.25  10.25

Noodle Tender Beef  9.50  10.50
Stir fried flat rice noodle with broccoli, snow pea, carrot in a sweet soy sauce.

Crystal Noodle 9.50  10.50
Sliced chicken and shrimp stir fried with bean thread noodle, egg, broccoli,
snow pea, carrot, onion and bean sprout.

Jade Noodle 9.50  10.50
House special green noodle dish, quick stir fried with shrimps, broccoli,
snow pea, carrot, onion, bean sprout and mushroom.

Spicy Egg Noodle **
Stir fried egg noodle with onion, bell pepper, carrot and mushroom.
Chicken 9.25  10.25
Beef      9.50  10.50
Shrimp   9.95  11.25

Fried Rice

                              Lunch Dinner
Pineapple Fried Rice 9.25  10.25
Fried rice with chicken, shrimp, pineapples, onion, egg and

Mango Fried Rice 9.25  10.25
Fried rice with shrimps, chicken, snow pea, carrot, fresh mango, egg and scallion.

Basil Fried Rice **
Spicy fried rice with basil leaves, onion and scallion.
Chicken 9.25  10.25
Beef      9.50  10.50
Shrimp   9.95  11.25

Siamese Fried Rice 9.25  10.25
Fried rice with chicken, shrimp, onion, snow pea, egg and scallion.

Three Taste Fried Rice ** 9.50. 
Fried rice with egg, onion, red and green pepper, scallion, chicken and
shrimps in chili paste.

Country Style Chicken Basil ** 9.95 10.95
Stir fried ground chicken, with bell pepper, and basil leaves in a spicy
sauce. Served over rice with a side of fried egg.

Crispy Chicken Basil ** 9.95 10.95
Stir fried battered chicken with house spicy basil sauce.

Served 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Chicken Cashew Nuts 8.50
Stir fried chicken breast with zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom, snow
pea, scallion and cashew nuts.

Chicken or Beef Ginger * 9.25 or 9.50
Stir fried with mushroom, baby corns, onion, ginger and scallion.

Pine Nuts Chicken 9.25
Stir fried chicken with pineapple, and assorted vegetables in ginger sauce
topped with pine nuts.

Lemon Grass Chicken 9.25
Grilled marinated chicken topped on vermicelli noodle, served with mixed
green salad and crispy rolls.

Beef or Chicken Basil ** 9.25 or 9.50
Stir fried beef or chicken with basil leaves, mushroom, onion
and red & green pepper.

Seafood Combo 10.25
Stir fried shrimp, squid, and scallop with chili paste, mushroom, snow pea
and summer squash.

Fisherman’s Treasure * 10.25
Fresh assorted seafood stir fried with basil, bell pepper, mushroom, and

Seafood Dynasty ** 10.25
Stir fried shrimp, squid, and scallop with cashew nuts, bell pepper, baby
corn, carrot, snow pea, mushroom and scallion.

Scallop Bamboo ** 10.25
Stir fried fresh sea scallop with bamboo shoot, mushroom and scallion in
a hot chili sauce.

Shrimp Himaparn 9.95
Stir fried shrimps with cashew nuts, summer squash, zucchini, mushroom and scallion.

Beef Dynasty ** 9.50
Stir fried beef with snow peas, tofu, mushroom, baby corns, cashew nuts,
chili paste and scallion.

Chicken Broccoli  9.25

Beef Broccoli. 
Stir fried with broccoli, mushroom and carrot in an oyster sauce.

Post Road Mango Curry ** 9.50
Thai yellow curry with chicken, beef, fresh mango, onion, tomato,
yellow squash and baby corns.

Shrimp in the Garden 9.25
Stir fried shrimps with assorted fresh vegetables in a light soy sauce.

Pik King Shrimp *** 9.25
Stir fried shrimps with a pik king sauce, asparagus, string bean, mushroom
and red peppers.

Tamarind Duck * 9.50
Sliced duck stir fried with snow peas,bamboo shoot in our house special
tamarind sauce.

Duck Choo Chee ** 9.50
Thai’s famous choo chee curry with duck, snow pea, bell pepper, pineapple, carrot, zucchini and yellow squash.

Chicken Pineapple 8.50
Stir fried chicken with pineapple chunk, snow peas, tomatoes, onion, yellow squash and
curry powder.

Beef Macadamia **◊ 9.25
Pan sear beef with mushroom, red and green pepper and scallion in spicy house sauce.

Vegetable Vegetable 8.50
Stir fried assorted fresh vegetable with a light thin soy sauce.

Vegetable Curry ** 9.25

Sautéed assorted fresh vegetables in a red curry sauce.


Red Curry **
Bell pepper, bamboo shoot, carrot, zucchini and basil leaves.

Green Curry ***
Bamboo shoot, string bean, zucchini, bell pepper and basil leaves.

Yellow Curry *
Onion, yellow squash and pineapple chunk.

Panang Curry **
Bell pepper, string bean, mushroom, zucchini and snow pea.

Masaman Curry *
Onion, carrot, sweet potato and peanut.
Chicken 9.25
Beef      9.50
Shrimp   9.95
Duck      10.25

We can make most dishes GLUTEN FREE.
Please ask your server.
* Spicy
** Hot and spicy
*** Very hot and spicy
We can alter spice according to you preference on most dishes.
No MSG is used in preparing your food.

 “Consuming raw or undercooked meats,
poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.”

Subject to Mass. Meal Tax 6.25%

Local tax 0.75%
Prices subject to change without notice.
Spice N Pepper supports environmental responsibility.


Thank You.



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